Ordering here is quick and easy. No account is necessary. Upon successful approval of your credit card you will will receive an automated email with a link to download your licensed fonts immediately.

Disclaimer: Due to the distinct and unconventional nature of our graffiti inspired fonts, much of the final user experience is based upon the kerning and metrics (the info that determines the space between letterforms) that are inside the font file. This information while available to all Adobe design softwares is not accessible by all softwares on all operating systems.

End User License Agreement: The basic breakdown is this. When you make a purchase from Handselecta, you do not own the fonts you purchase. You are purchasing a license to possess and use the fonts. That license allows for the installation of fonts on up to six devices ina single location. You are licensed to make one back-up copy and you may use the data on up to 6 devices. A device is anything that renders the font data into letterforms... Like a computer, printer, vinyl cutter, video character generator, etc. All of these devices must be in the same physical location and must be connected to the same network.

If you want to use the font data on more than six devices, you can contact us at info@handselecta.com to inquire about licensing.

Licensed: up to 6 computers in a single location.

By continuing with the transaction. You agree with the terms of the end user license agreement. (view entire EULA here)

If you do not agree with the terms of this agreement please do not continue with the transaction. You will be putting yourself and your organization at risk of repercussions that may result in legal action.